EA Dax

I would like to inform new entrepreneurs that losses can not be avoided. There is nothing at 100% in trading!
In fact, it is earned if the total profits will be greater than the combined losses.

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My EA – dxbeta, dxsigma, dxomega for free.

If you want me to send you my robots, read the condition and write to me  contact@minorfx.eu

The robots are programmed only on the Dax index for European sessions.

Platform Metatrader 4

Items are opened from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm UTC 0.

At the same time, Stop Loss and Take Profit are opened with the opening of the position

They close automatically about 8:00 pm UTC 0.

The ability to change settings has been intentionally disabled.

The only option to change is the amount of the rate (Lots).

  • Dxbeta

– 0 to 2 transactions per day,

– SL400 TP220

– efficiency of about 66%, average monthly profit around 50pts

– maximum relative loss of about 500pts

  • Dxsigma

– 1 transaction per day

– SL280 TP500-800

– 52% efficiency, average monthly profit around 96pts

– the maximum loss is approximately 600pts

  • Dxomega

– 1 transaction per day

– SL 700 TP700

– more than 50% efficiency, average monthly profit around 88pts

– maximum relative loss of about 900pts

In the period March 2017 to February 2019

The biggest profit in one month that I noted since the beginning of 2017 is 1015pts.

The biggest losses in one month that I noted since the beginning of 2017 is -352 pts.

The average monthly profit of three robots over a period of over 2 years is 232 pts.

I recommend that all three robots be turned on simultaneously (every day).

Every experienced trader knows that you never know how a given market will behave in the future! Consequently, will EA data / strategies be profitable?

Remember ! do not trust anyone who gives you 100% guarantee of profits.